Creating workout is hard

Years ago did ACSM,

But I still get caught up in relentless planning. whether this is beacuse I’m too obsessed with perfection, or I (mistakenly) believe that if I plan every thing to perfection I can create the perfect workout is totally misguided and counter productive.

The haardest part of working out is starting.

You can iterate as you go, there’s no need to

The fact of the matter is this, just by starting your are doing more then you were yesterday. even better, you’re doing more then anyone who is still on the couch!

The lean Body


I’ve spent hours reading and researching workouts – from Steve Kambs’ nerd-friendly guides, to joel runyon’s impossible cha;lenges, from strength legend Mark Rippletoes starting strength, to the dull and boring ACSM manuals. Heck, I’ve even gone down the reddit rabbithole all in search of the perfect place to start.