Can fashion connect worlds?

In an age when fashion usually means factories, Teysha went against the grain to create an ethically sourced shoe company that weaves ancient cultures with high-end appeal.

Teysha works closely with artisans in Latin America to create one-of-a-kind textiles – then lets people from all over the world design their own shoes by mixing hand-made textiles and different leathers into a signature boot.

From boots to accessories, each piece is as unique as the artisan who crafts them, and best of all? With Teysha, artisans earn a sustainable living while being able to preserve local culture through design.


The Problem

Although Teysha’s shoes were flying off the shelves in-store, the company struggled to sell their products online.

The highly customizable nature of their product meant that out of the box solutions like Shopify didn’t provide them with the features they needed to create a compelling experience for customers.

The two founders tried to hack together their own solutions using various plugins, but the resulting effect was unintuitive, and took too many hours to maintain.

Even worse, as two time-strapped founders, the lack of online sales was hindering their desire to expand globally.


Something had to change

We first met Teysha while hosting a lean startup weekend in Guatemala – Sophie was one of the founders from Teysha, presenting her startup and her vision for Teysha and we immediately clicked.

Over a series of fireside chats we discussed their problems, defined the scope of their project and hatched a shared objective for our collaboration.

The goal? Create an engaging experience that increased conversions, required less time to maintain and primed Teysha for global expansion.

Above and Beyond

I created a sleek, high-end website that was more than just beautiful pictures but captured the shopping experience that is a critical part of the Teysha brand. They were ready to take on the world!