Standing still is scary.

No, I don’t mean that physically standing still holds an innate fear, but standing still – both in a career sense and in a greater life sense is scary.

In today’s society we’re┬áprogrammed to keep moving

As an entrepreneur I’m used to moving at 100 miles an hour. Whether we move at the speed because we’re chasing a goal, or because we’re trying to outrun our fears I’m not sure, but I do know that today, right now, i’m afraid.


Because I’ve stopped.

In giving yourself the permission to be still, you create space, and space is where the magic happens

Space is where are able to breathe, where you’re able to look at your options, where you can ask questions,r ecieve answers. Space gives you time to think.’

But in order to find space you need to be willing to stop.

It doesn’t need to be a huge break. even 5 minutes of silence is enough to


but when you start listening to your thoughts, ideas and needs… you can’t help but listen to your fears.

From not being good enough, to nervousness, from terror of failure to the ulnerability of creation – they all exist in the space you create.